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Privacy Policy for Ideasmarketplace

Privacy policy statement

This is the privacy statement and policy (privacy statement) for IdeasMarketPlace and its affiliates. This privacy policy was last updated in October 2020.


IdeasMarketPlace understands that your privacy is important. We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information you provide or as you access and use materials on IdeasMarketPlace. Com (the "site"), including the site subscription pages or other websites or apps that post a link to this privacy statement. Besides, information that you submit to IdeasMarketPlace in response to any email request for will be treated following this privacy statement.




by browsing our website, you agree to be bound by this privacy statement.




we collect personal information directly from you, and where lawful and reasonable, we may collect personal information about you from third parties and publicly available sources, such as credit reporting and government agencies for the purposes set out below.


We use your personal information to:

  • meet our responsibilities to you;
  • follow your instructions;
  • process your personal information for ordinary business purposes ;
  • carry out statistical and other analyses to identify potential markets and trends, evaluate and improve our business which includes but not limited to improving existing and developing new intellectual property and services;
  • inform you about new services and intellectual property we introduce ;
  • make sure our business suits your needs; and comply with applicable regulations.


Without your personal information, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide you with the intellectual property or services that you need.



Your consent

we will process your personal information if you give us your consent willingly or under the law. You give your consent to us through our intellectual property and services agreements.


We only disclose your personal information where:

  • the law requires it;
  • we have a public duty to disclose the information;
  • our or your legitimate interests require disclosure; or
  • you agreed that we may disclose your information.


Based on your consent. As long as you have granted us consent to the processing of personal information for specific purposes (for example, your application form for registering with IdeasMarketPlace), the lawfulness of such processing is based on your consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time.





Third parties

We ask third-party service providers to agree to our privacy policies if they need access to any personal information to carry out their services.


The third parties with whom we may need to share personal information to help us provide services and intellectual property to you and to run our website include:

  • our subsidiaries or affiliates;
  • our advisors;
  • our third-party service providers who process the information on our behalf to help run some of our internal business operations including email distribution, it services and marketing and events services;
  • our business partners for publications and events co-organized by IdeasMarketPlace and them;
  • law enforcement bodies in to comply with any legal obligation or court order.


We will not disclose your personal information to external organizations that are not our service providers, unless you gave us your consent, or unless we may do so by law, or if it is necessary for the conclusion or performance of our agreement with you.



Transfer across borders

we may need to process your personal information in other countries, which could be to carry out your instructions or for ordinary business purposes. These countries may not have the same level of protection. 

If necessary, we will ask the party to whom we transfer your personal information to agree to our privacy principles, associated policies and practices.



Storing personal information

We store personal information as required by law.



Our security practices

IdeasMarketPlace has in place appropriate technological and operational security processes designed to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration and destruction. Our security systems are designed to prevent the loss, unauthorized destruction, damage and/or access to your personal information from unauthorized third parties.


You should read the security tips and updates on our websites regularly to make sure that you benefit from our security systems and stay updated with the latest fraud scams and trends.



Marketing by electronic means

with your permission, we may use your personal information to give you updates about intellectual property, services and special offers from us or other companies which may interest you. This will be done via email, text message (SMS), social media platforms. If you later decide that you do not want us to do this, please contact us through our customer service channels to stop this service.

  • Access to your personal information
  • as our customer, you may:
  • ask us to give you a description of your personal information that we hold; and
  • ask us to correct or update your personal information through our customer service channels.


We may, if allowed by law, charge a fee for this.


Our use of technology to follow your use of our websites

While you are using our websites or mobile applications, we automatically process certain personal information, such as visits to our websites. The information we acquire is used to closely monitor how people use our website and also to determine what areas of our website people visit most. We gather this information in a way that does not require obtaining any persons personal information or how they use other websites.




we use cookie technology on some of our websites. A cookie is a piece of text saved on your internet browser when you use our websites. This cookie is sent to our computer whenever you visit our websites. Cookies help us give you a better experience on our website. You can stop your browser from accepting cookies, however, doing this may restrict the services we offer as e parts of our websites or online services may not work. We recommend that you allow cookies on your internet browser.


We use the following types of cookies:

  • persistent cookies which serve to improve your experience when using our site. These help us remember your settings and information the next time you visit our website.
  • Session cookies to enable you to use our site and to remember your settings as you move from page to page. These cookies are deleted automatically at the end of your visit.
  • Web analytics cookies. These cookies are used by us or third-party providers to analyze how the site and our services are used
  • by continuing to browse or use our sites and services, you agree that we can store and access cookies and other tracking technologies as described herein.



Links to other websites

There may be links to or from other websites and mobile applications on our website. We try to link only to websites with high privacy standards, we are, however, not responsible for the security, privacy practices or content on these websites. We, therefore, recommend that you always read their privacy and security statements.



Monitoring of electronic communications

We utilize different methods and channels to communicate with you.

Where the law allows it, we may record and monitor all our electronic correspondence with you to ensure they comply with our legal and regulatory responsibilities and also our internal policies.



Monitoring and analysis

your account will be analyzed and monitored for fraud, credit, compliance and other risk-related purposes as required by law.



Social media

We operate accounts and pages on select social media platforms to inform and engage our customers. Comments and posts made about us on these channels are monitored and recorded, this is so we can improve our services and better serve our customers.


These social media sites are accessible to the general public and any information posted can be accessed by the general public. We will therefore not be responsible for the information posted on these sites other than those posted by our designated officials. We also do not endorse these social media platforms or the information posted on these sites by other parties.


When you engage with us on social media, your personal information may be processed by the site owner; this process is beyond our control and your information may be in a country outside Nigeria which may have different privacy policies.


Social media sites are not appropriate forums to discuss our customers' intellectual property or financial arrangements. We will not ask you to share personal, account or security information on social media sites.


We monitor our social media accounts and regularly update them. We also welcome feedback from our customers via these channels. We try to join conversations whenever possible, but may not reply to all messages sent to IdeasMarketPlace’s social media accounts.



Compliance with law

IdeasMarketPlace complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. IdeasMarketPlace may be compelled to surrender personal user or customer information to legal authorities if presented with a court subpoena or similar legal or administrative order, or as required or permitted by the laws, rules and regulations of any nation, state or other applicable jurisdiction. Also, where any term or condition of the use of the site is violated or restrictions on the use of the materials on the website or provided through the site, we may have to disclose information personal to the user to affected partners or authorities.



Your rights

we will take note of your rights under applicable privacy and data protection laws, especially your right to object, on reasonable grounds, to certain types of processing.

You have the right to query a decision that we make about intellectual property or service that you have applied for and that was made solely by automated means.

You have the right to withdraw consent previously given and lodge a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority.



Right to change this privacy statement

we may change this privacy statement. We will publish all changes on our websites. The latest version of our privacy statement will replace all earlier versions unless it says -differently.



Contact us

for further questions you may contact the appropriate data protection point of contact:

+234 901 231 3096