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Who and What Ideasmarketplace is all about.

WELCOME TO IDEASMARKETPLACE - a world-changing App; a platform where ideas meet value.


Ideasmarketplace is an online innovative platform, a private marketplace where innovative ideas (Intellectual Property) are bought and sold. On the platform, high-quality ideas that are commercially viable, and innovative content such as business strategies, reality television ideas, product improvement ideas, print ads, television commercials, utility models, architectural designs, fashion designs, business plans, and more are sold.


In the same way, Individual Entrepreneurs and Organizations can use the platform to search for ideas and innovations to purchase.

 A whole world of ideas at your fingertips! 

We display different categories of ideas from all industries.

Our role is to bring together the right vendors of innovative ideas and the right customers to buy the ideas in order to implement them through an exceptional multi-vendor platform where sellers have a place to gain visibility and sell their ideas or innovations. 



It all started with the vision of yet another changemaker who wants to revolutionize the world of commerce. A spark of vision birthed the bright flames of what we have today as IDEASMARKETPLACE. 

Ideasmarketplace was founded by, Caroline Moore, who is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. She saw that there was a need for a platform that would allow people to share, sell and buy their ideas, get feedback, find collaborators, and even get investment opportunities.


Ideasmarketplace was launched in 2021. Since then, it has grown into a thriving community of commendable users. Ideasmarketplace has helped people from all over the world bring their ideas to life, crowdsource, and explore the world of Ideas.



Ideas Marketplace is the #1 platform that connects people with ideas to people who can help them bring those ideas to life through trade (buying and selling of Ideas- Intellectual property), collaboration, and/or investment. The platform provides a way for people (Individuals and Corporate Organizations) to crowdsource for the best Ideas in their Industry, share their ideas, get feedback, and find collaborators. Amazing Ideas that help businesses reach their business goals, improve their operations, and revolutionize their industries are one click away on Ideasmarketplace. 




Ideasmarketplace is a team of passionate people who are committed to revolutionizing the world of commerce and helping people bring their ideas to life. We are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience. Our team is made up of people from all walks of life. We have engineers/developers, designers, marketers, product managers, and a strong advisory board of successful entrepreneurs with invaluable years of experience scaling world-class businesses and enterprises. We are united by our shared belief in the power of ideas to change the world. 



* Get your Ideas purchased from buyers all over the world

* Find collaborators, investment, and other opportunities abound 

* Build a community with the skills and experience you need with people who are passionate about ideas



We are excited about the future of Ideasmarketplace. We believe that our platform has the potential to change the world. We are committed to working with our community to make Ideas Marketplace the best platform it can be






"Ideasmarketplace has been a great resource for me. I've been able to get feedback on my ideas from a community of experts, and I've been able to find collaborators who can help me bring my ideas to life." - John Smith, Entrepreneur


"Ideasmarketplace is a great place to build a community of people who are passionate about your idea. I've been able to connect with other people who share my passion, and I've been able to learn from them and get support." - Jane Doe, Artist


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