Data Protection Standard

Data Protection Standard for Ideasmarketplace

NOTE: This policy exists as an acknowledgement of the NDPR. Majority of the requirements of the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation are infused into the Privacy Policy to protect data received from people.



Ideasmarketplace has a Data Protection Standard, which establishes minimum standards to facilitate compliance with the Ideasmarket’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy and the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) for Businesses subject to the jurisdiction of the NDPR.


Ideasmarketplace’s Data Protection Standard covers the following:



  • Principles of Data Processing



  • Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data



  • Ideasmarkets’ Obligations as a Data Controller



  • Description of Collectable Personal Data and Purpose of Collection



  • Methods for Collection and Storage of Personal Data



  • Transfer of Personal Data to Ideasmarket’s Affiliates and Third Parties



  • Security 



  • Record Retention



  • Rights of Data Subjects (which include the right to request for access to Personal Data, right to rectification and right to erasure)